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Nail Polish Collection

Lumene Natural Code
From left to right: 9 Fairytale, 11 Make impact, 16 Go glittery, 17 Funky flower, 43 Blue Star

This is a set of three nail polishes from a Japanese brand called BW. You’re supposed to use all the three in each nail so you need long nails to make it work properly… That’s why I normally use just A or C :)

From left to right: Sally Hansen 160 Shell We Dance?, Claire’s, Max Factor 01 Ivory, Mavala nail hardener (not a nail polish but I decided to include it anyway;)

From left to right: 014, 008, 043
For Finnish readers: Take a close look at the bottle!! Can you see something funny? :p

Left: Depend quick & shine top coat
Right: Depend nail polish

Mavala 230 Sparkling Bronze
This one’s my personal favourite! Unfortunately it’s just about to end and I can’t find it in stores anymore!!

Which one’s your favourite? :)

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Winter Memories



(Remember to adjust your device’s monitor brightness to see the pics correctly!)

I decided to make a short photo post about winter in Finland… It’s not that dark all the time but especially December can be quite horrible because feels like you never see the sun! It’s dark when you go to school/work and dark when you arrive back home again which is quite tiring on the long run. But there are good things about winter too… Christmas for example!! I can’t wait for it! ;)

See you tomorrow!!♥



A Year Ago



Hey!! :)

I’m still having a fever so my day has been super boring so far… I had nothing to so so I opened my laptop and started looking through old pics. The first pic was taken exactly a year ago in Oulu – the day when the first snow fell there!

Anyway, while looking at those old pics I started to think how much my life has changed in just one year. Back then I stil lived in Helsinki and dyed my hair dark. Now I live in Spain and my hair is light. I speak new languages and I’m not as shy anymore. My worldview is different and I’m legally an adult now… But there are many things that didn’t change, too. I still read a lot and take photos all the time. I use the internet too much and buy stupid things (and sell them later at a flea market :p). I still go to high school, hate winter and love eating olives.

I’ve also been writing a WordPress blog for about one year now… So this was a good time to do a yearly checkup on how my life is. I hope the topic wasn’t too boring ;)

Have a great Wednesday!!♡



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